52nd Street Design Studio

52ndstreet design studio is a boutique practice in architecture with the ability to engage in a variety of project types. As such, the need for experienced Building Surveyors is paramount for us, our projects, and our clients.

BSA Building Surveyors are our choice, not only because of their vast knowledge, but also their high level of professionalism and integrity. They are committed, accessible, responsive, and embrace their responsibility to the project and to their client.

BSA Building Surveyors have been an important part of our commissions for close to 20 years and therefore would have no hesitation recommending them.

Studio6b Architecture have worked hand in hand with BSA Building Surveyors for over 15 years on a broad range of commercial and residential projects. The collaborative approach BSA Building Surveyors bring to the project team, together with their in depth understanding and experience in implementing the Building Code allows us as architects to be more innovative in design solutions, and in turn creating exceptional outcomes for our clients.