A range of building surveying services

More than a building permit practice.

BSA is well known for building surveying expertise on commercial, industrial, health and education buildings along with staff experienced in certifying all types of residential projects ranging from dwellings to multi-storey complexes. With registrations in Victoria and Queensland, BSA have the experience, qualifications and confidence to welcome any challenge.

BSA Building Surveyors also offers other allied consulting services including Essential Safety Measures audits, Aged Care specialist advice, and Building Fire Safety audits as well as regulative assessments of existing buildings. Our senior Building Surveyors are accredited with the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and  Housing Fire Services Unit (formerly Fire Risk Management Unit( which is a prerequisite for services provided on Department projects.

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Largest leading building surveying consultancy in Regional Victoria

Building Surveying

In addition to our building permit service, we offer expert building code consulting, building compliance audits and inspections

Building Code Audits, Consulting & Inspections

Our goal is to make ESM management easier for our clients, to protect you and your assets

Essential Safety Measures