Essential Safety Measures

Our goal is to make Essential Safety Measures management easier for our clients

to protect you and your assets.

What are Essential Safety Measures?

Essential Safety Measures (or ESMs for short) are the fire and life safety elements in commercial buildings that provide minimum levels of safety and protection to the occupants and the building.

Essential Safety Measures include but are not limited to:

How often should Essential Safety Measures be maintained?

All ESMs are required to be maintained on a regular basis.

They range from weekly, monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly to annual checks.

The frequency of how often each Essential Safety Measure is to be tested, inspected or maintained, is specified on your Occupancy Permit or a Maintenance Schedule that’s been prepared by a Registered Building Surveyor.

BSA Essential Safety Measures

To help assist our clients, we have created a new division within BSA Building Surveyors called BSA Essential Safety Measures.

Our services can include ongoing Essential Safety Measure inspections, coordinating your contractors (fire, emergency & exit lighting etc) and maintaining your Essential Safety Measures log book records.

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